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Sorry in advance for this long-ass bio.

I'm a 5th year senior at Jacksonville University studying music theory and cello performance. I'm a lazy asshole but sometimes I manage to get shit done.

I really dig nature and animals. I'm pretty sure I was a sloth in a past life. I'm a tree-hugging pothead hippie through-and-through. I'm a Wheel of Time nut. Actually, 'nut' is a terrble word for it. It doesn't even come close. Obsession... That's the word. The only people who know more about WOT than me are/were Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and Harriet McDougal Rigney.

megatherium (mg-thîr-m):
Plural "megatheriums" or "megatheria"
A large, extinct ground sloth of the genus Megatherium that lived from the Miocene through the Pleistocene Epochs, primarily in South America. It was as large as an elephant, had long curved claws and teeth only in the sides of its jaws, and ate plants. The megatherium was more closely related to the modern two-toed sloth than to the three-toed sloth.


talking to person u like alot and u feel like ur annoying them


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Sithu Aye - Cassini - (Full Album)

I love this stuff!


This and Invent the Universe have been soundtracks to an amazing two days in the Santa Cruz area. I don’t want to leave!!

Aaaah some damn good music here, dudes. listen and be happy

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